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    Safety evaluation of large truck-passenger vehicle interactions and synthesis of safety corridors
    Scene matching between a quantitative map and a qualitative hand drawn sketch
    Searching objects of interest in large scale data
    Sedimentation enhancement by fabric inclined settling screen to decrease disinfection by-production formation potential
    Select Scenes from Noah D. Manring's Industrial Seminar for Engineers
    Selected techniques for vehicle tracking and assessment in wide area motion imagery
    Self evaluation report
    Self-aligned microchip device for automated measurement of quantal exocytosis
    Self-Aligned Microchip Device for Automated Measurement of Quantal Exocytosis [abstract]
    Semantics-driven design and implementation of high-assurance hardware
    Sensor characterization for long-term remote monitoring of bridge piers
    Sensor coverage and actors relocation in wireless sensor and actor networks (WSAN) :|optimization models and approximation algorithms
    Sensor network for early illness detection in the elderly
    Shallow trench isolation process in microfabrication for flash (NAND) memory
    Shape reconstruction from volumetric images
    Shear strength of flue gas desulfurization by-product
    Shearing rate effects on drained shear strength of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) byproduct
    Shipment consolidation and distribution models in the international supply chain
    Shock Wave Based Cell Transfection and Fluorescent Organosilicate Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery [abstract]
    Shock wave interaction with a toroidal air plasma