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    The Panama Papers : collaboration and the data/story searching mechanisms in the international investigative journalism project
    Parasocial interaction on social media : how source identification affects brand trust
    Participatory reporting as method acting: the journalism-theatre connection
    Patria o muerte: ideograph and metanarrative in Cuban state-produced media during the battle of ideas
    The patriotic impact of World War I on the Texas Posten, a Swedish-language newspaper
    Paying for online news: what provides value and for whom?
    Penetration of innovation : taming the unexplored interactions between information, knowledge and persuasion in the innovation-decision model
    The perceived role of personal social identity in the promotion of arthritis self-management programs
    The perceived role of Spanish-language journalists in one newspaper in the U.S. South: a case study
    The perceived role of Twitter in young adults' political participation during the 2018 midterm elections
    Perceptions of Facebook and Twitter as sources of health information among African-American women
    Perceptions of framing by economists and business journalists
    The periodic survey of newspaper : the Columbia Missourian, 1942-43
    Perspectives from the second generation of the Chinese community in Buenos Aires and a comparison of Spanish and Chinese newspaper portrayals of the Chinese community in Argentina
    Pertinacious image : investigating a dimension of image management in sports public relations
    Photographers of The Salton Sea : Gerd Ludwig and Jeff Frost
    Photojournalism and post-traumatic stress disorder : understanding how photographs can contribute to stereotypes
    Picture perfect : representing Argentina, Chile and Uruguay in AFAR, National Geographic Traveler and Travel + Leisure, 2011-2015
    Picture perfect: How editors of women's magazines depict fitness. What messages do editors send through cover sell lines and images?
    Picture plates for the press : some mechanical phases of news and advertising illustration