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    Mathematics textbooks and state curriculum standards : an analysis of the alignment between the written and intended curricula
    Meeting Rwanda halfway : the entanglement of matter and meaning
    Millennial college students and volunteering : their motivations and perceived obstacles
    A narrative inquiry about teacher identity construction : preservice teachers share their stories
    The nature of talk in a kindergarten classroom : examining read aloud, guided reading, and literature discussion
    Parents' and parent educators' understandings of the parents as teachers home visiting program in a small rural, mid-west community
    PCK development of beginning secondary mathematics teachers
    Pedagogical becoming : one teacher's journey toward social justice teaching in an early childhood classroom
    Perceptions of selected Libyan teachers of English as a foreign language regarding teaching of English in Libya
    Perceptions of STARR (Select Teachers as Regional Resources) teachers concerning their professional development experience
    A phenomenological study of lived experiences of learning communties in online courses among undergraduate pre-service teachers
    Poetry, media, and second language acquisition
    Postmodern art education : voices and practices of select secondary teachers
    Preparing to teach English language learners : exploring the change in mainstream teachers' perceptions of ELL students in two online certification courses
    Preschool piano methods and developmentally appropriate practice
    Preservice elementary teachers' initial and post-course views of mathematical arguments: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
    Preservice elementary teachers' perceptions of their understanding of scientific inquiry-based pedagogy and their confidence to teach science : influence of elementary science education methods course and science field experience
    Preservice teacher learning for supporting English language learners to make sense of mathematics
    The processes and products of first and second grade teachers' interpretations of students' understanding of place value
    Professional development for primary science teaching in Thailand : knowledge, orientations, and practices of professional developers and professional development participants