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    Decision-making and demography of greater white-fronted geese [1]
    Design and synthesis of targeted NIR fluorescent nanoparticles for bio-imaging [1]
    Developing and evaluating the effectiveness of a place based climate change education toolkit in Missouri [1]
    Developing tools for making inferences from genomic data [1]
    Development and comparison of customized voice-assistant systems for independent living older adults [1]
    Development and evaluation of the 7 and 7 synch protcol for enhanced control of the bovine estrous cycle among postpartum beef cows [1]
    Development of web services in academic environment [1]
    Digital hydraulic systems : a theoretical comparative efficiency analysis of hydraulic systems with real pump models [1]
    Doxa : prayerful pots [1]
    The dream is more than process [1]
    Dynamic framing processes between an organization and its audience : an examination of the Equifax cybersecurity crisis [1]
    Effect of class wide function-based intervention teams (CW-FIT) and the good behavior game (GBG) intervention with children in a classroom [1]
    Effect of induced hindlimb length difference on bodymounted inertial sensor measures of hindlimb lameness in horses [1]
    The effect of isometric tongue exercise in a novel rodent model of dysphagia [1]
    Effect of localized national news on audience value perception [1]
    Effects of feedback content and preference on performance [1]
    Effects of late gestational copper, zinc, and manganese source and inclusion in beef cattle [1]
    Effects of local sequence on the formation of interstrand DNA cross-links derived from the reaction of an abasic site with a cytosine residue on the opposing strand [1]
    The effects of overstory retention on species composition and height growth following clearcut and group selection regeneration harvests in the Missouri Ozark Highlands [1]
    Effects of political media framing on news organizations' credibility [1]