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    Effect of class wide function-based intervention teams (CW-FIT) and the good behavior game (GBG) intervention with children in a classroom
    Effect of induced hindlimb length difference on bodymounted inertial sensor measures of hindlimb lameness in horses
    The effect of isometric tongue exercise in a novel rodent model of dysphagia
    Effect of localized national news on audience value perception
    The effects of overstory retention on species composition and height growth following clearcut and group selection regeneration harvests in the Missouri Ozark Highlands
    Effects of political media framing on news organizations' credibility
    Emancipation of education through place
    ENSO and PDO related variability in seasonal range prediction for the Bolivian Altiplano region in South America
    Ethical dilemmas on social networking sites : focus group discussions with journalists and news consumers
    Evaluations of driftable fractions of dicamba and 2,4-D to selected herbaceous and woody plant species
    Evolution of environmental news and the 'coconut wireless' : a study of the communication methods and strategies of environmental nonprofits on Kau'i
    An examination of personalization in digital advertising
    External communication displays for connected truck platoons in mixed traffic : a federated simulator study
    Fantastic religion : fandom as religious practice
    Fluid inclusion evidence for the temperature and composition of ore fluids in the Lemhi Pass and diamond Creek Ree-Th districts, Idaho-Montana
    Framing the US-China trade war : a content analysis of news frames used in the United States and Chinese media
    Freshman interest group participation and second year academic success of engineering students
    Gender and propaganda at the crossroads (the case of Svetlana Alexievich)
    Growth, performance and quality attributes of steers supplemented with high oleic soybean oil
    Habitat associations and distributions of endemic crayfish in the Meramec River drainage