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    Negative political advertising and the charge of inconsistency: the rhetoric of "flip-flop" arguments
    No silver bullet: a Delphi study of emergent leadership in Missouri high-performing, high-poverty schools
    The nonepistemic psychological requirements for knowledge
    Novel macrocyclic compounds as building blocks in supramolecular chemistry
    Nutrient, water, and soil type mangement of biofuel feedstock production by corn, sorghum, and switchgrass
    The ogre as lycomorph
    On the theory of integer sequences
    On the use of multiple emitters to improve the TDOA source localization accuracy in the presence of random sensor position errors
    Paleoethnobotany of Buena Vista: a case study of ritual feasting in late Preceramic Peru
    Party power in the U.S. house: discharge petitions, agenda control, and conditional party government
    Pathway approaches to dissecting the inheritance of maize shoot-borne roots
    The perceived importance and gender differences in Missouri public high school assistant principalship duty delegation for promotion preparation
    The perceptions of at-risk high school students regarding their early childhood educational experiences
    Perspectives of informal caregivers on using in-home technology to monitor activities of person with serious mental illness
    Pertinacious image: investigating a dimension of image management in sports public relations
    Philanthropic tourism and artistic authenticity: cultural empathy and the western consumption of Kyrgyz art
    Physiological responses of continental (summer-active) and mediterranean (summer-dormant) tall Fescue to cold stress and identification of underlying QTL for fall growth and winter survival
    A policy study about equity and college access: the Missouri A+ schools program
    The potential of producing bioenergy crops on conservation reserve program land in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas (MINK Region) to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions: an integrated economics and biological modeling approach
    Power-sharing and democratic development: nested analysis of political institutions in third-wave democracies