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    T.W. Schultz and the Human-Capital Approach to Entrepreneurship
    A Tale of Two Mergers: What We Can Learn from Agricultural Biotechnology Event Studies
    Tall fescue seed production alley cropped in a hardwood tree plantation
    A tall tower wind investigation of northwest Missouri
    Targets and mandates: lessons learned from EU and US biofuels policy mechanisms
    Taxonomic composition and distribution of saucer bugs (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha: Naucoridae) of Tanzania
    Teaching Ag Ed: Is it stressing you out?
    Technical analysis of evolving farm organization
    Technical Efficiency and Environmental Impact of Bt Cotton and Non- Bt Cotton in North India
    Technological Opportunity, Regulatory Uncertainty, and Bt Cotton in Pakistan
    Technology Fees Versus GURTs in the Presence of Spillovers: World Welfare Impacts
    Temperature as a factor modifying the toxic action of certain chemicals on the germination and development of a few fungi
    Temporal effects of fescue toxicosis and heat stress on rat physiology and hepatic gene expression
    Temporal patterns and variability of trophic state parameters in Missouri reservoirs
    Temporary public eating places: food safety knowledge and practices
    Ten reasons why biotechnology will be important to the developing world
    Ten reasons why biotechnology will not ensure food security, protect the environment and reduce poverty in the developing world
    The tertiary structure of calcium-bound Phl 7, a polcalcin, from timothy grass
    Testimony on the Value of the Mississippi River for U.S. Agriculture: Presented to the Mississippi River Caucus Washington D.C.
    Testing for the Presence of Financial Constraints in US Agricultural Cooperatives: An Investment Behaviour Approach