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    Checking the facts : behind the scenes with the unsung heroes of journalism [1]
    Chinese government's public health crisis response strategies on social media platforms : a comparison between 2016 expired vaccines crisis in Shandong and 2018 Changchun Changsheng fake rabies vaccine crisis [1]
    Choosing your own adventure : hyperlinks and their effects on memory [1]
    Christian media framing of gay marriage [1]
    Christianity & journalism: perspectives from photojournalists of color [1]
    Cinema screen reflections from 1920s to present: how film portryals of print journalists have affected their identities [1]
    Circulation of the Small-City Daily [1]
    Citizen journalism and community building: predictive measures of social capital generation [1]
    Citizens United and the 2012 Election : how did the presidential campaigns and outside PACs frame the candidates? [1]
    The clash of two images: China's media offensive in the United States [1]
    Climate change in the newsroom : journalists' evolving standards of objectivity when covering global warming [1]
    Climate change news and trust : the influence of news source, frame and political ideology on judgments of credibility [1]
    Cognitive processing of news as a function of structure : a comparison between inverted pyramid and chronology [1]
    Collaboration and separation : how news companies find innovation [1]
    Collective cookbook : best practices in visual archiving between news organizations and individual collections [1]
    College athletes and Twitter : a study of how student-athletes use Twitter to build a personal brand [1]
    Come away with me: the uses and gratifications of leisure travel magazine readership [1]
    Comeback coverage : thematic content in the news media's reporting on Donald Trump's attacks [1]
    Coming of age: how different cultures mark a young woman's rite of passage into adulthood [1]
    Communicating medical advances in television health news : the influence of a human interest frame on audiences' cognitive and emotional responses [1]