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    Harmonizing with the cosmos : a critical analysis of cosmic symbolism in musical theatre [1]
    Harnessing policy windows : using lessons from the post 9 11 GI Bill passage to garner congressional support for US military requirements [1]
    Heterogeneity in body condition, survival, and seasonal origins among lesser snow and Ross's geese [1]
    Homology sequence analysis using GPU acceleration [1]
    Identity-motivated elaboration : the role of partisan social identities and elaboration in political persuasion and learning [1]
    Image matching and image super-resolution via deep learning [1]
    Impact of sutherlandia frutescens on hepatic steatosis in high-fat fed rats [1]
    In self defense : black female journalists' advocacy in the Cold War [1]
    The influence of breast cancer-related lymphedema on women's return-to-work [1]
    The influence of race on behavior and the neural correlates of expectancy during an economic decision game [1]
    Intern and congregant perceptions of the impact of a United Methodist ministry internship program in rural Missouri [1]
    Internationalization initiatives in U.S. institutions of higher education : the impact observed by a school of music [1]
    Into the forests (and fields and yards) : re-thinking rural development and local food systems with wild harvesters in the Ozark highlands [1]
    An investigation into the relationship between student achievement and curriculum knowedge of special education co-teachers [1]
    Investigation of methods and factors influencing mouse oocyte quality, in vitro fertilization and embryo development [1]
    Investigation of the effects of dynamic loads on reinforced concrete flat-plate buildings under collapse scenarios [1]
    Investigation of the performance of an automatic arterial oxygen controller [1]
    Iron homeostasis is hierarchically regulated by multiple inputs : evidence for the role of reactive oxygen species and iron-zinc cross talk [1]
    Isotope harvesting from the beam dump cooling loop at the facility for rare isotope beams (FRIB) [1]
    It's styled by Helen Dryden : the fine art of good taste [1]