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    Scaffolding the continua of biliterate development in the Spanish language immersion classroom
    Scholars on the sidelines : a phenomenological study of high-achieving elementary students in southwest Missouri
    School-aged children's awareness of their own working memory contents
    Seizing the elephant : Kansas City and the great western migration, 1840-1865
    Self-assembled peptide nanostructures for electrical, optical, and magnetic applications
    Sensitivity analysis and optimal design of conventional and magnnetorheological fluid brakes
    A sharing economy beyond the consumer : an exploration of micro-retail sharing enterprises
    Significance linked connected component analysis plus
    Simulating prehistoric population dynamics and adaptive behavioral responses to the environment in Long House Valley and Black Mesa, Arizona
    Sisterhood as strategy : the collaborations of American women artists in the gilded age
    Small group read aloud with nonfiction and fiction literature in preschool
    Social and cognitive influences on a teacher candidate's choice to pursue math education
    Social capital and membership in dairy cooperatives in Kenya
    Soil health assessment of the Sanborn Field long-term experimental study
    Solar adoption in the rural Midwest : the diffusion of solar photovoltaic technology in two Midwestern states
    Staff nurses' antimicrobial stewardship practices and performance confidence relative to patient safety culture
    Stakeholder perceptions : the impact of a university-based laboratory school on a campus-based university educator preparation program
    Starting a career in the U.S. : international student perceptions of the optional practical training experience
    Statistical and simulation methods for evaluating stationary and mobile work zone impacts
    Storied possessions : post-household disbandment older adult placemaking through meaningful belongings