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    Objective Bayesian analysis of the 2 x 2 contingency table and the negative binomial distribution
    On autonomy support : low-income mothers' parenting of young children in contemporary China and the U.S.
    On the global Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture for general spin groups
    Optically resonant structures for the enhancement of polycrystalline PbSe photoconductors
    Partial characterization of Bt resistance and the bacteriome of western corn rootworm
    Perceptions of non-teaching workload for faculty in high technology baccalaureate degree programs
    Perceptions of out-of-field teachers of the sustainability of urban teacher quality support systems
    Perceptions of special education training as viewed by northwest Missouri high school principals and Missouri university leaders
    Persistent homology : categorical structural theorem and stability through representations of quivers
    Personal and organizational predictors of service provision for refugees
    Pictorial representations of monkeys and simianesque creatures in Greek art
    Plasticity of neurons in mouse major pelvic ganglia in response to loos of physiological input in cases of nerve injury and spinal cord injury
    Pointing to inclinations : Albertus Magnus' physiognomy as a scientific and theological nexus
    PopZ and FtsZ coordinate polar growth termination and cell division in Agrobacterium tumefaciens
    The postmaster's porcelain : collecting European decorative art in middle America
    Potential theory methods for some nonlinear elliptic equations
    Practice-based evidence research design for lymphedema management
    Prairie stream ecology : temporal and spatial patterns of macroinvertebrates
    Predictors of postsecondary success for students with autism spectrum disorder
    Preparation and characterization of bioadsorbent beads for removing selected heavy metal ions from wastewater