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    The recovery project : three dramatic works concerning alcoholism and recovery [1]
    Redacted disclosure and analysts' weighting of private and public information [1]
    Reporting serendipity in biomedical research literature : a mixed-methods analysis [1]
    Resistance to the dominant economic discourses : making sense of the economy from a working-class neighborhood [1]
    Resisting the nudge [1]
    A reversal of fate : unravelling the role of central 5-HT in cardiorespiratory control in neonatal and adult rodents [1]
    Rheological and morphological evolution of basaltic lava flows [1]
    Roles for the adhension molecule Contactin2 in the development and function of neural circuits in zebrafish [1]
    Scaffolding the continua of biliterate development in the Spanish language immersion classroom [1]
    Scholars on the sidelines : a phenomenological study of high-achieving elementary students in southwest Missouri [1]
    School-aged children's awareness of their own working memory contents [1]
    Seizing the elephant : Kansas City and the great western migration, 1840-1865 [1]
    Self-assembled peptide nanostructures for electrical, optical, and magnetic applications [1]
    Sensitivity analysis and optimal design of conventional and magnnetorheological fluid brakes [1]
    A sharing economy beyond the consumer : an exploration of micro-retail sharing enterprises [1]
    Significance linked connected component analysis plus [1]
    Simulating prehistoric population dynamics and adaptive behavioral responses to the environment in Long House Valley and Black Mesa, Arizona [1]
    Sisterhood as strategy : the collaborations of American women artists in the gilded age [1]
    Small group read aloud with nonfiction and fiction literature in preschool [1]
    Social and cognitive influences on a teacher candidate's choice to pursue math education [1]