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    Tanzania's minority indigenous college graduates: aspirations and barriers overcame to access through completing college [1]
    Teacher perception of the role and purpose of school resource officers: an examination of alignment with the SRO Triad [1]
    Teacher perceptions of ADHD causality implication for educational leaders [1]
    Testing narrative integration and persuasion focus in prosocial health communication: an extended model of organ donation [1]
    Text selection and students' motivation to read [1]
    Three essays on biofuel policies and aggregate supply curve [1]
    Three essays on higher education outcomes [1]
    Three essays on political polarization in the United States [1]
    Three essays on racial discrimination [1]
    Three essays on the economics of pesticide use [1]
    Time-dependent response of flat plate structures under high sustained load [1]
    To whom much is given: a study of Black female leadership within the context of spouses of historically Black college and university presidents [1]
    Toxic schools? Teacher perceptions of indoor air quality and negative place attachment [1]
    Tracing cat domestication through population genetics and capturing genotype-by environment interactions in US beef cattle genomic predictions [1]
    Tracing paradigm shifts in information literacy: a progressive knowledge domain visualization approach [1]
    The transformative impacts of international study on Omani nationals: a phenomenological investigation [1]
    Transition to Kindergarten: exploring concepts of worry, transition activities, and parent efficacy [1]
    Transport of invasive carp eggs and the effect of river turbulence [1]
    Trithiol ligand development for radioarsenic and radioantimony toward potential theranostic radiopharmaceutical agents [1]
    Trusted resource allocation in volunteer edge-cloud computing for scientific applications [1]