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    Academic motivation, mathematics achievement, and the school context: building achievement models using TIMSS 2003
    Assessing multilevel construct validity with latent variable modeling: validating school-level inferences in college base
    Athletes' experiences of sport psychology consultation: exploring a multi-season, cross gender intervention
    Attachment to therapist, the working alliance and emotional processing of traumatic material in session among veterans diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder
    Bayesian analysis of hierarchical IRT models: comparing and combining the unidimensional & multi-unidimensional IRT models
    Black students at predominatly white institutions: a motivational and self-systems approach to understanding retention
    Body image dissatisfaction of college women: potential risk and protective factors
    Can 16-month-old infants make transitive inferences?
    Can sixteen month old infants make transitive inferences?
    Career counselor's assessment of client problems: toward the development of a career development problem taxonomy for women
    Career decision learning experiences : development and validation of a scale
    Characteristics of effective mid-level leaders in higher education
    The classroom check-up : modularizing effective classroom management interventions to support teacher implementation
    Cognitive processes related to math disabilities
    College adjustment of Black/African American student-athletes at predominately-white institutions and historically black colleges and universities
    Collegiate football student-athlete body mass composition change related to mandatory breakfast consumption
    Community multidimensional fall risk screening
    A comparison of confirmatory factor analysis and task analysis of fluid intelligence cognitive subtests
    A comparison of kernel equating and item response theory true score equating