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    The relationship between attachment to adults, attachment to God, and satisfaction with life [1]
    The relationship between ethnic identity, perceived acceptance, and sociocultural adjustment of African students in the US [1]
    The relationship between learners' motivational schemas, learners' affect, and changes to learners' achievement goals: a test of the cognitive change of motivational beliefs model [1]
    The relationship between risk factors and problem behaviors in adolescence: an approach to identify a latent general risk and a latent general problem behavior factors [1]
    The relationship of coping strategies to psychological health among sexually victimized deaf women [1]
    Relationships between academic disidentification and incarceration in African American males [1]
    Religiosity, coping, and psychological well-being among LDS Polynesians in the U.S. [1]
    Religious involvement, attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help, and preferences for alternative mental health settings [1]
    Resilience among elementary educators as measured by the personal and organizational quality assessment-revised and the emotional quotient inventory: short [1]
    Robust scale transformation methods in IRT true score equating under common-item nonequivalent groups design [1]
    Searching for jobs amid difficult economic times in China: the role of coping and perceived barriers in psychological adjustment and well-being [1]
    Selected academic variables as predictors of first semester academic success of at-risk football student-athletes at the University of Missouri [1]
    Self concept screening: a predictor to depression [1]
    Social cognitive predictors of Mexican American college students' academic and life satisfaction [1]
    A statewide evaluation of gifted education in Missouri [1]
    Students' views of careerand [sic] technical education: a qualitative study [1]
    A study of NCAA division I athletes on the use and the effects of combining alcohol & energy drinks [1]
    Teaching English language learners scale (TELLS): a study of validity and reliability [1]
    Testing a social cognitive model of math/science career goals in low-income prospective first generation college students [1]
    Understanding the influence of social responsibility educational interventions on the empowerment of female student-athletes: A case study using consensual qualitative research [1]